Baking Soda For Health

Baking Soda CancerWho would have thought that a simple and cheap ingredient being used in breads and crackers could have such a wide range of health benefits? Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, as it is scientifically called, has been proven to have medicinal properties for different sorts of diseases. Even serious ones such as diabetes and cancer. In fact, some oncologists have started suggesting to patients the use of baking soda as part of their medication.

How does baking soda help improve health?

Bicarbonate treats and prevents clinical acidosis, which is a common cause for different types of diseases. Combined with iodine and magnesium chloride, or some other strong basic natural substance, the therapeutic effect is multiplied.

As mentioned in a recent article, any imbalance to the body’s pH will lead to health problems through cell deterioration. These health problems include gastritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer. Baking soda is powerful when it comes to maintaining a non-acidic environment.

Baking soda transports oxygen, dilates blood vessels, and releases oxygen right into tissues, increasing the pH value. When these numbers increase, crystallisation of urine in the urinary tract is prevented. The crystallisation of urine leads to kidney stones due to the uric acid. It can also lead to heart disease, heart attack, diabetes, and gout. Aside from these, alloxan is also formed, which is a toxic compound that is produced by fungi that creates diabetes and cancer cells.

Taken orally, baking soda can help prevent fever, infection, arthritis, and gout. It also supports the pancreas, helping with the production of insulin.

The most common combination is baking soda and magnesium chloride. This mixture is widely used by patients who have neurological problems, cardiac diseases, cancer, and even the strong types of flu. Together, they are able to remove all the acids and toxins from the body, relieving the patient of the conditions.

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