Functional Medicine Testing For Cancer

The clinic uses a variety of functional pathology tests to investigate biochemical, nutritional, metabolic and hormone status. The results provide essential information to assist with diagnosis, treatment and management of the patient. Testing provides a tool for early intervention, management and monitoring of ongoing treatment efficacy and cuts out guesswork.

Why should you use functional pathology?

  •     To determine the baseline status of you prior to treatment, as part of a holistic approach
  •     To eliminate guesswork and save money
  •     Quality scientific testing and clearly see the need for treatment path
  •     To monitor progress and treatment efficacy – you can see the progress

Sample Pathology Test

The following sample tests are only a few of the total of testing available. If you are interested in a specific test, please contact the clinic to discuss your requirements.

Stool test for parasites, bacteria and gut health – CDSA stool analysisFunctional Testing

Oxidative stress and amino acid profile – ONE report

GI effectives (Metametrix stool test) – GI effects stool test

Adrenal stress hormones – Adrenal salivary hormone profile

Food allergy profile test – IgG food panel test (93 foods)

There are a great deal more test available. Please contact the clinic for more information.

Functional Testing available

The following are some of the investigative testing available by referral through out clinic. The results will help establish an individualised treatment program for you and optimise nutritional status.


  •     Adrenocortex Stress profile (4x samples)
  •     Adrenocortex Stress profile Extensive
  •     Female cycle (28 day hormone profile)
  •     Female hormones – basic
  •     Male hormones – basic
  •     Male hormone profile – extensive
  •     Sleep profile –


  •     Coeliac profile – Transglut IgA & IgG, Gliadin IgA & IgG, total IgA)
  •     Candida antibodies/antigen (serum IgG, IgA, IgM and antigen)
  •     Iron Studies
  •     Vitamin D serum
  •     Cortisol profile
  •     PSA
  •     PSA and free PSA
  •     Thyroid – extensive (TSH, T3, T4, r-T3, TPO Ab, ATG Ab, TSH rec Abs)
  •     Insulin Resistance Index
  •     Homocysteine


  •     Adrenal Hormone profile – Level 1
  •     Adrenal Hormone profile – Level 2
  •     Adrenal Hormone Profile – Level 3
  •     Adrogen profile
  •     Oestrogen metabolites – Level 1
  •     Oestrogen metabolites – Level 2
  •     Oestrogen metabolites – Level 3
  •     Female hormone profile – extensive
  •     Male hormone profile – extensive
  •     Oesteoporosis markers (N-Telepeptides)
  •     Thryoid profile (T3, T4, T4/T4 ratios, Tyrosine, Iodine, Selenium)
  •     Mauve factor – kryptopyrroles
  •     Environmental pollutant panel
  •     Iodine – loading test (Urinary)


  •     Calprotectin – inflammation markers (IBD vs IBS)
  •     Helicobacter pylori Antigen (Fecal)
  •     intestinal permeability (lactulose mannitol)
  •     Candida antibodies (salivary)


  •     96 asian foods IgA
  •     96  inhalants (16 allergens)
  •     95 Vegetarian foods IgA
  •     IgE General foods 96 foods
  •     IgG General foods 96 foods
  •     Combined testing (eg IgG general or Asian and 15 vegetables)

There are a great deal more test available. Please contact the clinic for more information.

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