Finding Tumor cells in the Body

Functional TestingPreviously I made a post about Tumor cell markers such as CA 15-3 or CA 19-9. I also talked about the pros and cons with these markers. In saying this, these and many others are the most widely used in screening and monitoring cancers in most patients.

With leaps and bounds in technology, there have also been advances in testing, treatment and monitoring of cancers and the system is often slow to adopt new methods. So today I would like to overview some other testing methods that are available to patients such as the nagalase.

RGCC – Circulating Tumour Cells (CTC) Tests

RGCC tests are blood tests that analyse ciculating tumor cells and cancer stem cells by targeted test results. Treatment plans may then be tailored specifically for each patient, depending on the type of cancer found. When the test identifies the most effective treatment, Supportive Oligonucleotide Technique, or SOT, will then be done. SOT’s are not tests, but rather, a procedure wherein the patient’s blood is used to make the SOT through the mRNA in order to induce certain gene expressions. It has the ability to induce apoptosis in the CTC’s and all primary and metastatic tumours. It can also be used for viruses.

What are the Specific Cancer Tests Available?


This test will show the number of CTC’s, or circulating cancer tumour cells, but only the number of cells, and no other information.

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Functional Medicine in Cancer


This test is the most useful screening test, and will show the number of CTC’s, any positive CSC’s (circulating cancer stem cells) and their immunophenotype. If it comes back positive, the next step would be to do other tests and look at treatment options


This test is made for specific types of malignancy, such as breast cancer, prostate, and so on. It only includes markers relative to the type of malignancy, making it for follow up control patient management.

Nagalase Testing

Alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase (nagalase) is a protein which is made by cancer and viral cells. The blood test can be used to assess sensitive levels of cancer cells through treatment and especially after treatment to assess if the cancer tumors have returned. It is very helpful for early detection before other traditional markers or scans such as mammograms.

Nagalase reduces the immune function of patients, also known as immunodeficiency. The Nagalase test is a little controversial since it can indicate viral infections too as active viruses also produce nagalase.

For more questions on cancers, cancer markers, cancer testing, and diet and nutrition, feel free to get in touch.


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