Antioxidants and Chemotherapy

antioxidants and chemotherapy

There has been some talk about how antioxidant therapies could reduce the efficacy of chemotherapy. There is no scientific evidence that demonstrates such. On the contrary, antioxidants have been tested and proven to enhance the outcomes. Antioxidants work together in a reaction that quenches the reactive oxygen species, or ROS, through an oxidation-reduction process. There […]

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Brandt Cancer Cure With Grapes

Johanna Brandt and Fred Wortman – Cancer Grape Diet Johanna Brandt and Fred Wortman once became famous for their ideas that grapes could be a cure for cancer. Their cancer cure ideas are still being discussed today. Grapes, with their wealth of antioxidants and longevity-promoting polyphenols have, in recent years, been applauded for their role

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