Is Alkaline Water Really A Cancer Cure?

boy-drinking-from-bottle-738210_960_720Water is absolutely the key to healthy in any human-being and in patients with cancer, we want the purest and optimal amount. Some patients ask, “Is alkaline water the best thing for curing cancer?

At an average temperature, humans can only survive three to four days without drinking water. Longer if it is cooler, and much less, if it is hotter. Indeed, no other substance is as important as water is to our bodies.

However, not all types of waters are safe or even healthy to the body.

You might have heard about alkaline water which, they say, is less acidic than tap water. There is even a propaganda (like Alkaline 7.2 multi-level marketing products) saying that alkaline is healthy and beneficial.

Or is it?

Naturally alkaline spring water, maybe. But artificially alkalinised water, no!

Naturally awaterlkaline spring water has an alkalinity of around 8 to 8.5 pH, which is ideal for the body. Water from artificial alkalinising machines, have unhealthy and dangerous levels of 12 to 13pH!

What happens when the body becomes too acidic? Metabolic imbalances and diseases happen. Diseases such as cancer. That said, alkaline water machines DO NOT really balance the body’s natural pH. It may change a little for a short time, but it’s doing way worse if one looks at the whole picture.

The reason that the body has increased acidity right down to its cells is actually a deficiency of alkaline reserve minerals. Some of these minerals are calcium, magnesium, zinc, and selenium, among others. As our bodies undergo stress, we lose these vital minerals. Drinking artificially alkalinised water does little, and even nothing, to replace minerals. The body thinks it is already alkaline so it does not need to hold on to these alkaline reserve minerals, eliminating some of these minerals, therefore, making one even more deficient.

The rationale behind drinking alkaline water is that it will correct this imbalance.

Many people may assume that artificially alkalinised water is doing something good to the body because they may start feeling better right after drinking alkaline water — aches and pains have been lessened, and maybe feel a bit more energetic. Sadly, we are not made aware of the whole picture. So, allow me to explain it more to you and help you understand.

What is Alkaline Water?

Artificially alkalinised water machines use tap water, which is run over electrified platinum-covered titanium plates. In most cases, the water then passes through a carbon filter to remove impurities and improve taste. And then in some cases coral calcium solution or powder is then added for more alkalinity. Sounds good? Well it is not.

Let us break that down a bit:

  • Glass-half-fullTap water. It is not a very good base water. The quality of tap water varies upon location and source. Most tap water are not of excellent quality. Most often, they contain fluorides, chlorine compounds, medical drug residues, hundreds of toxic metals, among many others.
  • Carbon filtration. These may be able to filter out some impurities, but not most toxins such as chlorine, flourides, aluminum, copper, medical drug residues, and pesticides that is in the tap water. And that is only to name a few. Over time, as they become old or clogged, they become a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and parasites. These filters are also not guaranteed to filter out cadmium, lead, and arsenic. Examples of this kind of filtration are reverse osmosis, KDF, and other advanced filtration systems.
  • Platinum and titanium. As the water passes through these plates during alkalinisation, the good minerals are replaced with some platinum and titanium (and also nickel). These are extremely toxic. It has been observed that after using the machine for 3 to 6 months, people began to develop some platinum toxicity. People with delicate kidneys or have liver problems were mostly affected. While the amount of platinum absorbed by the body depends on the quality of tap water, the person’s body chemistry, age, vitality, and how well-nourished one is.
  • Coral calcium powder. This is highly toxic. No further explanation needed.

How Can We Balance Alkalinity?

Much of the body’s acidity is brought about by a diet that is high in grains, cereals, sugars, beans, and especially refined food diets. Red meat makes the cells acidic due to their high iron content, and the bacteria required to digest them properly. Fruits also have some acidic reaction due to their fruit acids and sugar content. A lot of fruit crops nowadays are hybrid and genetically modified, making their mineral content unbalanced. So, what can we do?

  • 70% of your daily diet must consist of cooked or raw vegetables
  • Take some mineral supplements such as kelp
  • Drink quality natural spring water instead. It’s a better source of alkaline minerals.
  • Use quality sea salt. Also a good source of alkaline minerals
  • Juice vegetables to supplement your daily intake and to help better absorption

What are the types of processed alkaline water that are harmful to health?

alkaline water machineWhile none are recommended, these three top the list of the most harmful:

  1. Free-standing electrical home units. These are the most popular and largely but falsely advertised. These are Kaagen, Jupiter, I-Water, tyent to name a few. These units have the carbon filter, the electrified platinum-covered titanium plates, and white powder addition may also be required. Also uses tap water.
  2. Store-bought alkaline water. They use reverse osmosis, and require the toxic coral calcium powder.
  3. Alkastream alkaline water units. These machines may not be electric and have no platinum plates, but water processed by them still makes the body too imbalanced. This type of machine is used by adding a magnesium compound to tap water to alkalinise it. Oh, and also, uses tap water.

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